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Gems of Glasnevin

Focusing primarily on architectural gems, but with some natural gems thrown in. Please click on the images for a larger view.

Inside the National Botanical Gardens:

The Rose Garden in April (before the roses bloom):

Cemetery tower near the gardens' car park
Cemetery Tower at gardens' car park

 Small glass house/ reception venue
Small Glass House/ reception venue

Sun-trap in the Alpine Garden
Sun-trap in the Alpine Garden

Long view from Turner's glass house to the restaurant and library

Entrance to the Alpine Garden
Entrance to the Alpine Garden

The Botanics Library
Botanics Library and Herbarium

The Director's residence
Director's Residence

The two lassies (apparently engaging in a bit of gardening)
The Two Lassies in for a bit of gardening

The long glass house
The Long Glass House

The Palm House
The Palm House

Storage shed,  with Church of Our Lady of Dolours in background
Storage shed (Our Lady of Dolours church in background)

The new College of Horticulture (gets my gold medal for blending in)
This new College of Horticulture gets my gold medal for blending in

Another view of the College of Horticulture (Church of Our Lady of Dolours behind)
College of Horticulture, second view

My third view of this beautiful College
College of  Horticulture, third view

River Gardens apartments behind Rose Garden Bridge
River Gardens apartments behind Rose Garden Bridge

Azaleas in Bloom
Azaleas in bloom in the Mill Field

Tolka with Our Lady of Dolours behind (Rose Garden to the left)
Our Lady of Dolours church behind Tolka (Rose Garden left)


Socrates' bridge (over the Mill Race, just as it leaves the Tolka)
Socrates' Bridge over Mill Race as it leaves Tolka

Pond and Japanese Bridge
Pond and Japanese Bridge

Addison Park apartments, view from Botanic Gardens
View of Addison Park apartments

Cemetery Tower at vegetable garden
Cemetery Tower at Vegetable Garden

Riverside walk
Riverside Walk

Cactus House, with Palm House behind
Cactus House (Palm House behind)

Viking House, a replica of Viking Houses discovered during the Wood Quay excavations,  with genuine Viking garden
Viking House constructed, complete with Viking Garden, from clues found in excavation at Wood Quay

The Palm House
The Palm House

The Mill Race winding back towards the Tolka
Mill Race, winding back to Tolka

Hallowe'en in the Botanics

Hallowe'en in the Botanics

The living Cemetery of Glasnevin:

Lá Breá sa Reilig: Brendan Behan wrote a play in Irish called "Lá Breá sa Reilig," ("A Fine Day in the Cemetery"). His was a cemetery of dereliction, phantoms and vandalism. He could not have imagined the transformation of our cemetery into a living space and one of Ireland's leading tourist attractions.
Fine Day in the Cemetery (Café and Museum left)

Inside the Church of the Resurrection
Inside the Church of the Resurrection 

O'Connell Tower
Iconic: the O'Connell Tower

View from the Cemetery Museum window
View from Museum window

 Remembering the battles of World War 1 in Glasnevin Cemetery
Fields of Battle display in Glasnevin Cemetery

Sun sets over the graves
Sun sets on the graves

By the Banks of the  Royal Canal: 

New dock and café (not yet opened) between Broom's Bridge and Ashtown
New dock and café on Royal Canal between Broom Bridge and Ashtown

The Tolka at Glasnevin:

Finglas River junction with the Tolka
The Finglas River joining the Tolka

 More to come
One Autumn Day in Glasnevin

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